Lifestyle Meals helped me lose 40 lbs in just a few months. The variety of food was a nice surprise and educational. It really opened my eyes to how tasty a healthy meal plan can be!

Chris J. , Dallas, Tx

Chris Sieffert of Lifestyle meals is amazing! Superior customer service when I asked for special dietary combinations, a change in delivery time to accommodate our family, and always quick to reply to MANY, MANY questions we had. The food is outstanding. We ordered a three month package. A huge variety of foods and combinations with an emphasis on a balanced, well proportioned, tasty meals with an emphasis on increasing fiber and appropriate portion sizes. My husband and I have truly enjoyed the food and the service. We will be continuing to use his service and will highly recommend Lifestyle Meals to everyone.

Debbie B., Flower Mound, Tx

I have been having the Lifestyle Meals delivered to my home for several months.  This has been a great experience.  The convenience has been a life changer for me.  The food is delicious and healthy.

Chris has always been amazing to work with.  There are several people I work with that are now getting their meals through Lifestyle Meals, and love it as well.

Denna H. , Plano, Tx

I have ordered these meals for the last several months and it is the first time that a healthy meal is good tasting and great over and over.  Each meal is fresh and tastes great, which is unusual at best.  The variety of meals and convenience of delivery make ordering these meals, and sticking to a healthy diet so much easier.
Never had a problem with delivery or the schedule, it has worked out great.
I have reordered many times and plan to continue.
Thanks and great job.

Tracy S. , Frisco, TX