Delivery Info


Delivery Area 

We service a large portion of the Dallas and surrounding areas on a weekly basis. Below, is a general guide as to the zip codes we deliver. If you are unsure of your delivery address, don't hesitate to contact us, as some exceptions can be made.

Delivery Days

We deliver on Sunday and Mondays to residential and business addresses. Typically, your food will arrive within the hours of 10a-3p on those days. When you purchase a meal plan, please specify within the windows of 10a-12p and 12p-3p for your time preference. We generally will meet that request, however, if we can not, we will most certainly let you know ahead of schedule.

Delivery Bags

Our freezer bags are German engineered and designed specifically for handling food. Deemed as 100% BPA-Free and food safe, these bags ensure that your food will stay free for hours, if need be. These bags are recyclable and we do ask that you return the bag to us upon your next food delivery.