Why Lifestyle Meals?

Lifestyle Meals provides meals to fit most individuals and their nutritional requirements.  Additionally, meal planning can be arduous and food shopping is time consuming. And don’t forget how long it takes to cook and clean up! Let Lifestyle Meals help. Get meals for you and your family without time-consuming meal planning, fighting traffic, or lengthy lines at the grocery story.  Lifestyle Meals has created fabulous, chef-prepared, healthy meals that come in one easy-to-heat package. Individually portioned, these home cooked classics make excellent office lunches that are convenient to carry and fast to heat up. In only five minutes, you can heat and eat a healthy meal!

The Problem.

How Much Sodium/Sugar Do I Need? The American public is bombarded with foods high in sodium and sugars, which are chemicals that our body craves. We are inundated with processed and restaurant foods, with each being loaded in both of these two chemicals. Many people are unaware they are consuming so much “hidden” sodium and 85% of Americans exceed their daily sodium requirements.
Getting used to a decreased amount of salt in our diet is a matter of habit. What is salty to one person may be bland to another. Fortunately, getting used to less salt in the food does not take long
Many people must eliminate sugar from their diet, due to its effect on their health. Eliminating glucose is a good first step towards preventing diabetes. Unfortunately, it's easy to become accustomed to a high-sugar diet.

How We Can Help

Do you want to lose weight? Are you too busy with work to shop or prepare your own meals? Do you have medical issues related to poor eating habits? Cant get rid of that spare tire? Do you just want to live a healthier lifestyle?  

Excess Sodium Issues

Sodium is linked to the following diseases: Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Some Cancers (Colon, Breast for example), Kidney Disease, Strokes, Swelling/Bloating, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attacks

Excess Sugar Issues

Sugar is linked to the following diseases: Obesity, Type II Diabetes (or prediabetes), Depression, Hyperactivity, Chronic Fatigue, Some Cancers (Breast, Pancreatic), Cataracts, Hyper- and Hypo-glycemia.


High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke. Low Density Lipid (LDL) cholesterol can build up on the inside of artery walls, contributing to artery blockages that can lead to heart attacks. Higher LDL cholesterol levels mean higher risk. Studies show you can slash your bad cholesterol by as much as 10% to 20% by giving your diet a makeover.